So, thanks to NaNoWriMo I have found out that Scrivener has finally been made for Windows.  For those who didn’t know, Scrivener is a writing tool, similar to Liquid Story Binder.  Both are awesome tools for organizing and outlining your works.  Scrivener is still in beta for Windows so it does have a lot of bugs and there aren’t a lot of applications currently working, but just looking at them, damn!  I can’t wait for the drop.  Unlike LSB, you don’t get the feeling that you aren’t using everything in the program.  The tutorial (which is a walk-through with you actually doing the steps) shows you how to work everything but admits that if you don’t want to use it, dont. 

One of the things I absolutely adore is the corkboard feature.  It lets you rearrange and see all the files in a certain area in a cool manner.  Which is an improvement (a major one) on LSB in which you have to have a planner or listing open to see files all at once.

Another thing I love is the compile functions.  Just by selecting several files you can see what they would look like compiled.  It also lets you make mass changes without having to open each files one its own.

There are some things I don’t like about it so far.  The spell check drives me nuts.  If you have it set to check while typing, it takes it literally.  Not even half way through words and the spell checker will mark them as wrong.  Due to that I have the spell checker off for now.  Hopefully that’ll change in the future.  Another drawback, you will more than likely need to make formating changes for publication and the like later on (after compiling).  That is one thing I do like about LSB.  It allows you to set up all the formatting (just about all) before compiling it into a manuscript.

The price isn’t that bad either, about $40 which is about the same price as LSB.  For those that are serious writers and like tools like this, I recommend Scrivener (and LSB).  LSB has been around for awhile and the first drop for Scrivener is set to be released (if all goes well) early 2011.